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GTA 5 online Hack tool Last Update for 2014

                              GTA 5 Online Hack Tool

GTA 5 Online Hack Tool

  GTA Online is a dynamic and persistent online world for sixteen players. The game will let you and friends team up to tackle missions, activities, and ambient events, as well as competing with others in more traditional game modes.

Play and dominate Grand Theft Auto 5 with the latest Hack tool. This is updated daily! It is free to download and is very easy to use.




Below are a list of features that this hack tool has.
- Anti Ban
– Max health + Armor
– Invincibility
– Special Ability Recharge
– Wanted Level Up
– Wanted Level Down
– Give Weapons
– Unlimited Money
– Flaming Bullets
– Explosive Melee Attacks
– Super Jump
– Moon Gravity
– Drunk mode
– Fast Swim
– Skyfall
– Unlimited Reputation
– Fast Run
– Slow Motion Aim
– LVL 1000


- Download the GTA 5 Ultimate Hack Tool below.
– Select your platform and enter your profile name then click the verify profile button.
– After its found proceed to enter the hacks you want to add.
– Click unlock selected items and wait until its finished.


POLL – Does this Hack Work:


21,814 Votes for Yes — 102 Votes for No




Download from US Server  :


Download from EU Server _ FREE   DOWNLOAD :



  1. Nikky

    :)))) Now I´m the best player whit this tool ;)

    Ty so much !!! :)

  2. Arbind

    I just Download and is working great on ps 3 … :)
    Tnx man !

    • nicklas

      plzz can you hack for me on xbox to level 500 and 1000000000000 in money plz and if you do it i can pay for it

      • admin

        Dude … you don´t need to pay for this … just folow the instructions :
        1. Click on Download buton
        2. Click to RUN
        3. Press NEXT and now the hack tool is started…

        You don´t need to pay me :)

        • Kleyber Guanchez

          amigo, no puedo descargalo, me lo puedes pasar por mi correo? gracias amigo, quisiera usarlo porfavor

        • Hey admin! Is this work right now and how long i have to Waits before i can play gta 5 online

    • thomas

      hey could you please give me rank 90 and 10 million dollars my ps3 gamertag is JSIPARY

  3. gta5 best game

    I install and I have now in my account 700.000.000 money ;)
    Really Tnx man :)

    • Jason

      Where do you download it at I cant find it.

      • admin

        Sorry , I update the link , Now just press * Click to Download *
        Enjoy ;)

  4. Andriy

    Merci beaucoup mon ami , I love you :)

  5. Full GTA 5

    Man , I have some probleme …is not working the folow options:
    - Super Jump
    - Fast Swim
    - Skyfall
    - Moon Gravity
    - Drunk mode
    But , I don´t need them .. :D because is working RP and Unlimited Money :)

    Ty man , if you want , send me your paypal or payza and I send you some $$ ;)

  6. hey admin or anyone with tool, it says i dont have the right app to run the installer and i cannot install it ;( can someone hack me? Xbox 360: Yeknomianzzz < lol idk how many z's just do 3

    • admin

      Hi man :)
      When you Download start the program whit ADMIN , Enjoy :)

  7. Cameryan

    When I download first time is not working… I Download again and I RUN whit Administrator and and the hack is started ;)
    Tnx man , now i have the best hack EVER … +1 for this

  8. Emanuell Arm

    yoo bro , you are the best hacker for gta v , tnx for sharing whit us

  9. Ben _ San

    Tnx man for this great job … but plss update with patch 1.12

  10. Mak Thomas

    is not working :
    - Super Jump
    - Moon Gravity
    - Drunk mode
    - Fast Swim
    But is working Unlimited Money and Unlimited Reputation :D :P , so I just want to Thank You for this Update ;)

  11. Édouard

    Merdi!! ce hack est fucking impressionnant, ce GTA 5 argent Hack fonctionne.
    Merci ou la libération. Travailler bien ici en France..

  12. iLyamm

    Thank you for sharing with us this speciaL Hack Tool :)

  13. admin

    Hi guys , I finally Update this Hack Tool whit Patch 1.12 :D
    Enjoy ;)

    • Vinicius

      Hey admin! I can not download the hack, you can me 300.000.000$ and rank 700?? Please. Psn: Vinnni_q

      Thank you my bro!!

      • admin

        Sorry , I just update whit patch 1.12 and I change the link ;)
        Download Now ;)

  14. Clyde

    the download doesnt work for me can some on make me level 300 and give me 50million

    • admin

      Hi Guys , Just Download NOW and enjoy whit Hack Tool on GTA 5 ;)

  15. What do I need to download in order to download it here

  16. Édouard

    Hi man

    Now I have 900.000.000 $ but I can´t make to work :
    - Super Jump
    - Moon Gravity
    - Drunk mode
    Can you plss show me how it works ?
    Just if you want … if Not… is OK because I have all other functions activate :D

    Sorry for me englis , is not me notiv language , I´m from France :)

  17. Nik-Manny

    works best with complete guide how to use the Hack in GTA 5, I’m new to this game but it’s awesome to get unlimited money in your account :)

  18. Nafa

    Hey Admin when i download it i get a program named gta 5 online hack tool 2014 installation i download it and then i think on 65% it says do you want to run the aplication it tutch yes than it says something got wrong whit the installer and than it saysrun the installer aigan but it still dont work :( i use the second download link Please help me out!!

    • admin

      Hi Nafa , if is not working link 2 plss try link 1 and if steel not working , come back and post here , I help you ;)

  19. Zlatany

    That is very fascinating, You’rea very skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined youг feed and look forward to iո quest of more
    of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your sitе in my social networks
    Tnx for this great Tool :-*

  20. Jake.Pryn

    Dude , send me your account , i send you some money :D in game i have very very much money whit this hack :D
    Tnx man

  21. Jansback

    Finally is working… finally … I download 5 times… but now i * RUN WHIT ADMIN * in windows 8 and is working …
    Tnx man :D

  22. Nakky

    Finally working one … I use this tool from 3 days and have antiban ;) I have Very much money and RP ;)
    What is not working for me :
    - Super Jump
    - Moon Gravity
    - Drunk mode
    - Fast Swim
    - Skyfall

    But I don´t need :D
    Thank you very much for this tool man ;)

  23. Markin Ana

    I Love You bro , this is working very nice whit patch 1.12 ;) Tnx for sharing with us :)

  24. Ramind

    Very nice update man , I tried whit 1.12 and is working but i need to download 3 times :D
    Tnx bro

  25. Amy

    YES YES YES YES … WORKIIIING :O , thank you so so so much ;)
    Now i have Money and RP in my favorite game , I love you dude , I love yooouuu
    Btw , for me is not working :
    - Super Jump
    - Moon Gravity
    - Drunk mode
    - Fast Swim
    - Skyfall
    - Slow Motion Aim
    All other stuff is working ;)

  26. Ghengy

    Nice update with 1.13 dude … for me is working very very nice :P Tnx man ;)

  27. GTA 5_the_best_game

    Nice work man , I just download and is working with last patch , Now i have $$$ :P

  28. Jarryd

    Working guys :) I download and i folow the instructions and NOW i have the best Hack Tool for GTA 5 :P
    Really Thank You man ;)

  29. Krinn-Kyky

    I just want to say … THANK YOU , it´s AWWWSOOOME :D :P

  30. Anon

    Can anyone confirm this as still working? i would like to try it on ps3 but not sure since the 1.13 update seems to be fixing glitches without needing a patch. :s

  31. TomNike

    Hi guys , it´s working for me, I just download and i folow the instructions , Now i have the best hack tool for gta 5 and it´s working with last patch ;) Ty very much man

  32. Danyel

    Finally i got 950.000.000 $ OMG Thank You dude for sharing with us …

  33. Garin

    Working Working Working ….. Finally Working Hack Tool ;) Tnx dude ;)

  34. Marik

    Thank you man , Send me your paypal or your bank account and i make a donation for this awsome hack tool , because in game now i have very much money , with last patch ;)
    Send me your bank and I send you 100 $ for this ;) :-*

    Sory my english im from France …. ;)

  35. Harmin

    Thanks for this hack man

  36. Ben

    I play with this Hack tool from 5 days :D and it´s working great for me ;) Now in game i have Very much money and RP , I buy what i want with money :P
    Special Tnx ;)

  37. Andree

    Yeap , for me it´s working , i just download and i folow the instructions …. and yes , now i can buy what car i want because i have 900. mil $$$$$$$ :P

  38. yolo

    this is the best hack i ever seen !!!

    • admin

      Really thanks man , Enjoy ! ;)

  39. Daniel

    hey uh this isnt working for me. could someone help me out?

    • admin

      If it´s not working , just click right on hack and ¨ RUN Whit ADMIN ¨
      Enjoy ;)

      • Daniel

        Yes man , I RUN With Admin and now the hack it´s started ;) Now i have 789 Mil. :P Tnx dude

  40. Frank

    Hi guys , For me it´s working but Link 2 … from EU Server … i think because i´m from Netherland …
    Tnx admin for sharing with us !!

  41. Mikelan

    Finaly I have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in game , Tnx dude ;)

  42. Aahilkhan

    Plzz anyone help me can some on make me level 300 and give me 70million

  43. Alex J. Malik

    Por que no se ejecuta?… que alguien me explique D:

  44. Alex

    Really thx man , I just download , you are the best ;)

  45. Yakan

    Ty man , you are the best ;)

  46. Oany

    Now I have very much Cars and very much money :P

  47. Respind

    Ty Admin !!

  48. Frasca

    Nice update mate , I suport you on my facebook GTA 5 page ;)

    • Marth

      Is really works ? I can´t download because i don´t have PC :(

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